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Ok, I got some more ideas from your posts and knowing what my boys like:

underarmour (I think you can get a sleeveless shirt for around $25--make sure to get the shirts that are not meant for cool weather like I have on right now while enjoying this wonderful Iowa snow storm ).

anything NIKE tshirts, shorts

my boys buy their own cologne so I don't know the price but I think you can get some at the Buckle for $20-$25 like Lucky

That is all I have for ideas. I have a few coupons and will try to get to best buy before we go and get some dvd's. I don't have daughters but I think enchanted is a good one for girls, right??

Where do I bring them once we get there? Is it too late since we get there on Christmas Eve??

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Gina - I believe the party is this coming Sunday.

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