FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Stuff for all the forums in here.
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FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by Anthony »

(Additional information- how to post, how the forum works, etc. - is available here:

Rules & Regulations

In addition to the boilerplate you received during the registration process, please keep the following in mind:

Do not post advertisements or unsolicited links to other websites. Your message will be deleted immediately. We can't state this strongly enough - posting URLs that are not relevant, publicizing competing websites, or promoting businesses or products that conflict with our business or advertisers will not be tolerated. These forums are for traveler to traveler or traveler to resident travel advice and are not to be used as a medium for selling anything. If you are answering a question with a legitimate answer that involves a USVI business or product, etc. that you are a party to, that is fine, but please do disclose that fact.

DO NOT attempt to contact the people who post messages in these forums with advertisements, sales pitches, or otherwise commercially motivated unsolicited emails or private messages.

Please remember, we want to publish the good and bad, but using phrases like, "this place #$&#!#$!" or "DON'T GO THERE" or "DO NOT USE/BOOK/VISIT" etc. will only ensure that your post is deleted. If you had a terrible experience on island this is not the place to hash it out - it should be taken up with the management of wherever it is you had a problem. If you want to report on the outcome in a even handed way, such as, "I had a negative experience with/at etc." that is fine. But you can not lead with "DO NOT".

Posts pertaining to swinging, prostitution, or meetings of a sexual nature will be deleted. These forums are not to be used as a medium to solicit sex. There are plenty of other places on the web to do that.

Do not post illegal or copyrighted material to these forums.

Do not post offensive or overly disgusting messages; NO posts that could be considered "harmful to minors" are allowed.

Do not harass other users of these forums, whether via email, private messages or posts.

Registration Issues

We hand activate all new registrations - please be patient. Sometimes this takes minutes or hours, sometimes it may take a day or more. If a couple of days go by and you have not heard from me, feel free to bug me about it!

Forum & Site Search

You can search the forum(s) using various search boxes you see on the forum pages. The site search (the search box in the upper right corner) searches the whole site AND the forum - but some forum content may not be indexed by Google for a couple of days.

Signature Files

I don't want to be a party pooper folks, but with the avatars available, please keep your signature file to a minimum:

"Do not use a "Signature" which is overly long, contains large ascii "pictures," or otherwise detracts from the quality of posts in these forums."

You name and short message, in text, would suffice. I think the illustrated/video signatures are just a little too much with all the other stuff this forum has going on. You can say who or where you are from - one source only. For example, my signature could say:

Anthony, VIOL

Or a villa owner could say:

Anthony, Nice Villa

Tickers are okay, but we ask you not to use them from competing Caribbean travel websites.

And lastly - NO URLS in Signature files - no exceptions!

This was updated on December 5th, 2013

Anthony for Virgin Islands On Line
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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by Chet »

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by Knolmom »

Thanks Anthony. Notice that many posters have been crossing the line here recently.
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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by Barb Y »

Thanks Anthony! I think I fall into the "accepted" signature boundaries but if not please let me know or delete whatever you need to. Thanks for keeping my daily escape to STJ up and running. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!
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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by Boxer5 »

Thanks Anthony. I also got you e-mail
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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by SheilaW1 »

Thanks Anthony! I believe I am within the guidelines :)
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Re: FORUM FAQ, RULES, & REGS - Please read me first!

Post by KCRVDF »

I think that I am following the guidelines. If there is a problem please advise me on how to correct it. Thanks so much I love the site and it helps so much with questions and answers
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