Luna Vista Rental

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Luna Vista Rental

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Many of you stayed at Luna Vista for short term rentals. You may remember that Bruce and Jan Fielding took it off the short term rental market in 2011. While they were on STJ they were good friends to the Forumites and everyone else. They moved to the US, put the villa on the market for sale, and rented both parts with long term tenants. The tenant in the lower level will be leaving in August. They are looking for a new long-term tenant.

If you never had the chance to stay there, you may have seen the house on one of those "reality" shows where a couple moving to STJ was shopping for a house. Luna Vista was included but not selected.

I have no interest in this property other than the owners are friends who need some help. If someone is looking for a two-bedroom, one-bath unit just off Centerline Road between Bordeaux and the smoothie stand for a long therm rental, this would be a good one. They prefer no children or pets. We stayed there four times and wish we could go back again.

They can be reached by phone 360-339-0072, 360-244-0127. Emails are: and


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