Relocation reconnaissance

Moving to the islands, local news & issues, etc.
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Relocation reconnaissance

Post by jstraub »

My husband and I are beginning our relocation reconnaissance in earnest! Before deciding which island best fits us, we are planning an extended vacation which will include time to explore each island for several days before making an extended stay to the one we feel best suits us. Does anyone have any advise on where best to stay on each island to be able to explore like a local? How long each island requires to get a FAIR assessment? So many questions...... job opportunities, ease of travel between islands, etc.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I think that you need to spend at least 2 weeks on an island, that will give you time to experience the island as something other than a tourist. Just a few days will not really give you a feel, in my opinion.
STJ, STT, and STX are all very different, so I would weed them out before spending your time and money on an island that will not work for you.

I would ask myself the following questions before even making a trip:
1. what kind of work can/will you do?
2. How close do you need to be to medical care?
3. Do you have children?
4. How willing are you to live without things close by?
5. What is your reason for moving?

That will help narrow it down for now and then we can provide you with some more direction
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Post by Exit Zero »

There is actually a forum website dedicated to making the move to the VI -
It has many features and info and a very active respondent base. The search feature alone is invaluable.
California Girl

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All I can offer is a good website for finding a job!

Best of luck!
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Post by stjohnjulie »

X asked some good questions. It's hard to give any advice when we know so little about you! And Exit makes a great suggestion. The vimovingcenter has a pretty active forum and you can learn a lot from reading it, searching it, then posting specific questions you can't find the answer to.

It's hard to get a good idea of what it is like to live on St. John without an extended stay. And your stay should involve a different kind of attitude.... I wouldn't go out to eat, or go to the beach more than once a week, do some apartment and job searching. Each island is very different. What is available varies, St. John having the most limited selection of everything. Living here is so much different than vacationing here, unless you are independently wealthy that is!

Good luck! And happy researching!!!
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Thanks !!!

Post by jstraub »

Thanks to everyone for their replys. My husband and I are planning an extended trip to both St. Thomas & St. John. We would like to spend time "living locally", meet with realtors, etc. Lodging on St. Thomas is easy, however, we could really use some advice on where to stay in St. John. We're not looking for a luxury hotel room as we are not planning on "vacationing". We would love to hear about any small hotels/villas/condos/cottages that are available for rent the end of May/beginning of June. Any help is much appreciated!
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Post by Betty »

I would suggest for finding lodging on St John. Renting directly from an owner might get you a better deal than through one of the rental agencies. Also many St John residents have apartments in their homes that they rent out, that will give you a better feel for the island and the people who call St John home.
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